I just got my new floor (Classic with the frame) and have to say: awesome product. I purchased a competing product about a year ago (why, I do not know, perhaps I hadn’t found yours yet) and it is no contest. Your product design is light years ahead, everything has been thoughtfully considered. I’ll mention it to all my fellow flamenco dancers!

J. LaNoue
Flamenco Dancer

My daughter loves your tap floors, and she has been practicing her tap moves regularly even at home. All her hard work and efforts finally paid off, she just won the champion of champions title in an Aussie dance competition named Get The Beat as she was top in her petite category. She would like to thank you for the kind assistance during that period when she badly needed a tap board for practicing and she loved your tap floors the moment she tapped on it.

Seth Low

I found you through Bill Simpson’s e-mail to me on Beginning Tap Resources. I researched floors extensively and yours was the most promising. I didn’t know how promising until I actually had the ability to use the floor. And then I was blown away. I have tried many other types of portable products and none did the job nearly as well as the FASFOOT Classic.

I needed a floor that would enable me to practice what I was learning in classes so that I could progress quickly. I needed the practice experience to replicate, as nearly as possible, an actual studio floor. One of the most satisfying features of the FASFOOT floorboard is that it identically, to my ears and feet, replicates the sound and feel of an actual studio hardwood floor. I cannot feel or hear any difference. As a musician and dance student for many years, I am tactilely and acoustically picky, to say the least. The resonance encourages me to look forward to practicing and have great fun doing so. For me, it is the perfect balance of portability and solid feel.

In addition, it stays put when I am using it and seems to be easy on the joints. I know I’m gushing but I have to say that the quality of the stain (I have the gray) is awesome. I also appreciate the detailed (but not too complex) setup and maintenance tips.

All in all, it’s clear to me that your passion is producing a super high-quality product for amateur and professional enjoyment that will withstand the demands of heavy use.

My only complaint is that using it is becoming more and more addictive! Thanks again, Eric.

[Note from FASFOOT – Bill’s site, howtotapdance.com, is a wonderful resource with extremely well-produced videos and tons of other helpful information. Definitely worth a look!]

Mediator, Attorney and Licensed Psychologist

The boards get lots of use, and we feel fortunate to make gigs happen as a result of having FASFOOT boards. We never want to turn down a gig (we just did a gig at the Smithsonian in DC), and your boards have opened up opportunities for the studio to increase our reach. Thanks!

Lisa Swenton-Eppard
Founder/director of Capitol Tap and District Tap, resident companies at Knock On Wood Tap Studio in Washington

I wanted to reach out to say thank you! 5 students here at LeRoux School of Dance in PA love their new FASFOOT tap floors! Worth every penny!

Miss Karin
LeRoux School of Dance, Royersford, PA

Amelie really enjoys her XL board! It creates more opportunities to showcase her tap because you don’t need to go see the location/stage and then get disappointed. You can always bring your boards with you, so the sound doesn’t need to get sacrificed anymore. BTW, Amelie submitted this video to Operation Tap Challenge and she just won! Your floor is the best! True game changer.

Kay and Amelie
Classic and XL floors

Our pink FASFOOT is received and my daughter is in love! The sun has finally come out in Albany, New York, and my daughter desperately wanted to tap outside in the sunshine today. I sent you this video of her maiden work on it. Many thanks to you!

Amy Drucker

Ciao Eric! We finally gave the boards to our friend Cristiana… She was so happy! She told us that your boards are the best ever, with the best sound! She promised me to do a video or some picture with a beautiful view of Venice, then we will send it to you. And your customer service is absolutely perfect!

Venice, Italy

Wow! I just got my first FASFOOT floor. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the quality! Such a cool and smart design — and so well-executed. It is my first portable floor and to be honest, I did not really know what to expect. I am blown away by it! Thanks so much.

Tom Mossbrucker
Artistic Director
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

Thank you, Eric, for both your great service and your fabulous product! My daughter was delighted with her new tap floor and has been dancing away all day — what an improvement over the piece of plywood she was using previously! I have no doubt that the floor will get years of use and provide countless hours of enjoyment.

Tanya S.

I will be celebrating my birthday and asked my mother-in-law for a FASFOOT floor. She kindly gifted me the natural floor with flame handles. Sweet! My floor arrived in perfect condition just two days after she placed the order. Now that is what I call customer service. The directions included with the floor were extremely thorough and very helpful. Your business plan is evident in all you do. From your website to your packaging to your YouTube demo, you have masterfully orchestrated your brand. FASFOOT is slick and sick. Congratulations. I am beyond impressed.

Valane Jones

I wanted to let you know I received my tap boards last week and love them! They fit together great, sound amazing and look fantastic! Thanks you for such a cool professional product! I love the way the colour turned out and know I am going to have so much use out of them 🙂 Cheers!


Hi! This is Michelle May. I was selected as a 2014 YoungArts winner for tap this year out of 11,000 applicants. This is my solo video from YoungArts week. I couldn’t have done it without your tap boards which I practiced with and choreographed with. I love these boards so much! Thank you!

Michelle May

Love them! I am very excited! Wish I had known about these years ago.


It was a huge success! It is such an awesome product and just what I had been looking for! It stole the show under the Christmas tree. My daughter tapped her feet sore today. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!