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FASFOOT Portable Dance Floors

The idea for a folding portable dance floor was conceived after I had the opportunity to work with several tap dancers while living and working as a professional jazz musician in Japan (yes, I do miss it a bit).  Inspired by the Japanese sense of minimalism, the goal was to design and build something simple, compact and stylish, but above all with a great sound. In addition, all of our individually handcrafted FASFOOT dance floors are designed to connect together. Attach your FASFOOT to your friend’s and dance outside, or add additional floors at home for a larger practice area. There’s no limit to the number of boards you can connect. Our dance floors are made using 3/8″(9mm), 7-ply Birch (think skateboards), and every FASFOOT is covered with a super-durable, multiple-coat urethane finish which offers just the right amount of slip. Choose from 4 fade-resistant colors, stained (not painted) with our unique custom-mixed pigments.  And finally, covering the entire underside of all our floors is a layer of non-slip carpet (Classic floors only – XLs don’t require the additional non-slip coating) to keep the floors stable, help cushion your legs and joints and protect that nice hardwood or marble floor in the kitchen or den.

Use over carpet: 1 floor (Classic of XL) can be used over carpet of thin to medium thickness. Use of 2 or more floors over carpet is not recommended. The reason? At 3/8″ thick, there is simply not enough thickness to add a tongue and groove to the edges (and believe me, we tried), so when 2 or more floors connect to each other, the seam(s) where they meet is a floating seam. The result is that when you step on a floor near this seam, the carpet underneath compresses relative to the floor to which it’s attached, creating a tripping risk. If you have additional questions, please feel free to give us a call at 510-379-4747 or email us at contact@fasfoot.com.


Classic floor: Measures 27″ x 35″ x 1/2″ (69cm x 89cm x 1.3cm) open and 27″ x 35″ x 1.75″ (69cm x 30cm x 4.5cm) folded. Weighs just under 9 lbs. (4 kg), so it’s small and light enough to carry anywhere. Of course if you need a bigger floor, no problem – they’re expandable! 2 Classic floors connected together measure 35″ x 54″ x 1/2″ (89cm x 137cm x 1.3cm). 4 Classic floors connected in a square measure 54″ x 69″ x 1/2″ (137cm x 175cm x 1.3cm).

FASFOOT Classic Frame: Measures 27″ x 35″ x 4.5″ (69cm x 89cm x 11.4cm) open and 27″ x 13″ x 9″ (69cm x 30cm x 22.9cm) when disassembled for carrying. Weighs just 5 lbs. (2.2 kg) and assembles in seconds. The Classic frame is the newest addition to the FASFOOT lineup and took an unbelievable amount of time to develop. It’s compatible with all Classic floors both old and new, and is a product we’re proud to begin offering in conjunction with launch of our new web site. The frame was developed as a premium product intended for advanced amateurs and professionals, and is not recommended for beginners. Total elevation of the frame is 2″ (1″ via the 1″ square aluminum tubing, 1″ via the 10, 1.5″ wide rubber feet found underneath). Benefits include enhanced acoustics and increased projection, and the frame allows the floor more room to flex, helping reducing fatigue. As with all FASFOOT products, our frames are expandable, so you can connect additional frames/floors together just as you would the stand-alone Classic floors! You cannot, however, connect 1 Classic floor to 1 Classic floor on a frame. You also might notice a prototype XL frame floor slipped into some of the videos – very sorry, no release date as of yet.

FASFOOT XL: Measures 54″ x 53″ x 1/2″ (137cm x 135cm x 1.3cm) open and 54″ x 53″ x 1.75″ (137cm x 46cm x 4.5cm) folded. Compatible with our Classic floors! Weight: 29 lbs. (13.2 kg). Essentially a scaled-up version of our Classic floor, it retains all the functionality you’ve come to expect – great sound, expandability and portability, but at more than 3x’s the dance surface of the Classic. Like our Inserts, the XL has hardware in place of the handles, which allows you to connect additional XLs to all 4 sides. By design, at 54″, our XL floor is the same length as 2 of our Classic floors connected back-to-back, so if you already own several of our Classic floors, you can connect them along side the XL for an even larger surface for practicing at home, but grab just 1 or 2 of the Classics when you head out!

If you have a moment, please have a look at some of our videos and testimonials to see how much fun our users have with their floors. Beginners use them at home for learning steps, and kids and young adults use them to practice alone or with friends, at dance conventions and festivals as part of their show, or for use in the wings offstage to stay lose before a performance. We also know of many professionals using them for not only practicing and performing, but as a teaching tool for their students. And did we mention the amazing sound? Click on the video below to see a short video showing the FASFOOT in action.

Watch FASFOOT in New York City trailer
There’s nothing better than having the freedom to practice whenever and wherever you choose. Thank you for your interest and please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Eric Patience