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About FASFOOT Portable Dance Floors

The idea for a folding, portable dance floor was conceived while working with tap dancers as a jazz musician in Japan. Inspired by the Japanese sense of minimalism, the goal was to design and build something simple, compact, stylish, and above all with a great sound. Each FASFOOT dance floor is handcrafted with these qualities in mind. In addition, FASFOOT dance floors are designed to attach together while remaining lightweight and portable, which means you can connect multiple floors at home for a larger practice area, then meet up with friends, connect your floors together, and dance anywhere!

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What goes into a FASFOOT?

FASFOOT floors are made using high quality, 7-ply birch (think skateboards) and multi-coated with a super-durable urethane finish which offers just the right amount of slip. Each floor is stained (not painted) with our custom pigments to give them their brilliant, fade-resistant color. And the underside of every floor is covered with a layer of non-slip carpet for added stability, cushioning, and protection so you can use FASFOOT anywhere — whether it’s outside on concrete or on tile or hardwood floors at home.

Use over carpet: One floor can be used over carpet of thin to medium thickness without any issues. However, we don’t recommend using multiple connected floors on carpet, because it can create a tripping risk. If you would like to use FASFOOT floors on carpet and have questions, please feel free to give us a call at 510-379-4747 or email us at contact@fasfoot.com.


The FASFOOT Family


The world’s most portable tap floor unfolds into a sturdy dance surface for performance or practice. Weighing in just under 9 lbs., it’s light and compact enough to carry with you, wherever you go. Need more space? Connect multiple FASFOOT Classics together, or pair them up with FASFOOT XL — there’s no limit to the number of floors you can connect.



For professionals who need the extra space, FASFOOT XL provides FASFOOT’s signature reliability and performance — there’s just more of it. One FASFOOT XL provides more than three times the dance surface of our Classic floor. Connect two XLs back-to-back or side-to-side for the ultimate performance or practice surface. Or connect two FASFOOT Classics together back-to-back and attach them alongside your new XL for an even larger surface!



Need even more space? An Insert is a modified FASFOOT XL with the handles removed, allowing it to connect to FASFOOT floors on all sides. Link FASFOOT XLs together for a massive dance surface!


See Them Connect

One of the goals behind FASFOOT was to create a floor that dancers could use anywhere, any place. See how the different FASFOOT floors come together to create the perfect dance surface for any occasion.


Want to see FASFOOT in action? Take a look at our video and photo galleries to see how much fun our users have with their floors.
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Whether you’re a beginning dancer practicing steps at home, a professional performing on the main stage at a show, or a teacher looking for exciting new tools for your students, there’s nothing better than having the freedom to practice or perform whenever and wherever you choose.

Thank you for your interest and please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Eric Patience, creator of FASFOOTEric Patience