The world’s most portable dance floors.

Photography by Anna Thielen Photography.

We’re excited to offer you the world’s most portable, folding and expandable dance floors — perfect for tappers, Irish Step and Flamenco dancers alike. No way to practice outside of dance class? Not allowed to set foot on Mom’s hardwood floors with your taps? Tired of hauling that sheet of plywood from place to place? FASFOOT floors provide a consistent and adaptable surface, with a great feel and sound for both practice and performance, so you can Dance Anywhere! To find the floor that suits you best, check out our products.

Currently, we’re only able to offer our natural, purple, gray, and the XL floors (in natural only).  These items are all in stock and will usually ship out the same day if your order is received by 3pm PST.

*We’re experiencing wood delivery delays, so I’m afraid the next batch of  XL floors won’t be ready to ship until May 24th.  I’m very sorry for the delay. Natural Classic floors will ship on May 10th.  We have a small number of gray and purple floors.


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