See Them Connect

FASFOOT floors easily connect together so you can build whatever size dance floor you need. They’re available in three models: Classic, our original floor, designed for maximum portabilty; FASFOOT XL, our expanded floor with a larger surface area; and Inserts, a handle-less version of FASFOOT XL that allows additional floors to be connected on all sides. Whether you’re combining two Classic floors for duos or laying out multiple FASFOOT XLs plus Inserts for the whole troupe, FASFOOT is designed to provide a dependable performance surface for any occasion.

Take a look at some of the most popular ways to expand your FASFOOT floors:

Double Up

Attaching pairs of FASFOOT floors is the easiest way to expand your performance area. Attach 2 or more FASFOOT Classics together back-to-back:

Pair up FASFOOT XLs back-to-back for a truly expansive stage!

Add an Insert

Need even more space? An Insert is a modified FASFOOT XL with the handles removed, allowing it to connect to FASFOOT floors on all sides. Link FASFOOT XLs together for a massive dance surface!

Add two Inserts for the ultimate performance or practice surface!

Classic + XL

Combine FASFOOT XL with colorful FASFOOT Classics to create a personalized wide stage!

Find the combination of FASFOOT floors that’s perfect for you!


All FASFOOT floors are specifically sized to pair together to create the dance area you need. When you’re finished, simply fold them up for easy transportation or storage.

FASFOOT Classic dimensions (open): 27” x 35” x 1/2” (69cm x 89cm x 1.2cm)
FASFOOT XL and Insert dimensions (open): 54” x 53” x 1/2” (137cm x 135cm x 1.2cm)