You may wipe the surface with a slightly damp sponge or use a cotton cloth (such as an old t-shirt) with some mineral spirits (paint thinner). For removing some of the scuffing, try some Murphy Oil Soap. Avoid using anything abrasive like a kitchen scouring pad. Do not use solvents such as lacquer thinner or acetone as these will harm the finish.

If you follow the instructions included with your FASFOOT, our boards should give you years of service. We experimented with nearly a dozen different finishes to find one that was both tough and not slippery; however, bear in mind that due to the unique nature of this product there will likely be differences in wear patterns between boards used by a 7 year old beginner and a professional adult!

Use of a single FASFOOT board over thin to medium-thick carpet should work fine, but use over thick pile or thickly padded carpet is not recommended.

We had the same problem during our video shoot in NYC and designed a very simple, portable sheet over which you place your board. It comes in its own pouch with handle, is waterproof and washable. It’s called the ‘Street Sheet’ and is available now!

Yes. When you reach the Checkout page of our web site you will see a drop down menu next to ‘Method of Payment.’ It defaults to ‘Credit Card’, so simply select ‘Check’ then click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page. There are instructions for Check and Money Order payments on the Checkout page. You will receive an email confirmation and we will ship as soon as your payment clears.